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"I dream of a world in
which every veterinary
professional feels fulfilled in their work, each and every day"

CoFounder & Lead Consultant

Josh Vaisman, MAPPCP, CCFP

Leading a veterinary hospital is friggin’ hard work, and Josh understands the
struggle first-hand. He has been a proud member of the veterinary community
since 1998. In 2009, he took the leap into practice management and
ownership, and continued in those roles in two small-animal hospitals until

A lifetime optimist and overall “happy guy,” Josh was shocked to find himself
feeling spent, alone, and crying over breakfast while his surprised wife looked
on with disbelief. Recognizing he had burnt himself out, he made the difficult
decision to step away and recapture his authentic self.

Since then he’s dedicated his professional trajectory to elevating veterinary
staff and teams so they can authentically flourish in their work.

To that end he’s obtained certificates in areas such as Positive Psychology,
Workplace Culture, and Building Effective Teams and a Masters
level education in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology. He co-founded
Flourish Veterinary Consulting LLC to bring the knowledge he's obtained to life.

Josh lives in Colorado with his amazing wife, 3 insane parrots, 2 rescue pups who occasionally share the king-sized bed, a 7 lb cat known as the “Golden Child,” some
fish tanks and a few beehives. In his free time, he enjoys teaching about
beekeeping, playing indoor soccer, and dreaming about moving to Kauai.

Josh's certifications & qualifications
  • BA in Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder 

  • Shareholder and Hospital Administrator at Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital 2009-2016

  • Shareholder and Hospital Administrator at Avenues
    Pet Clinic 2016-2017

  • Co-Creator and facilitator for inaugural CVMA Power
    of Ten Practice Manager Leadership Academy

  • Certificate in The Foundations of Positive Psychology
    from the University of Pennsylvania

  • Certificate in Culture-Driven Team Building
    from the Wharton School of Business

  • Certificate in Developing Effective Teams from
    the VIA Institute on Character

  • Masters in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, University of East London 


Explore Our Available Lectures, Workshops,
and Webinars!

Many of our offerings are RACE-Approved and provide
CE credit for your staff, and most of them are available as virtual webinars. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us about custom presentations!

We cover topics like…

● Leading Resilient Teams
● Demystifying Compassion Fatigue
● Driving Profits Through Workplace Well-Being
● The 4 P’s of Positive Leadership

Book the “Unleash”
Virtual Consulting Package.

Running a Veterinary Hospital was already hard enough.
Teams across the country are feeling the unbearable pressure
of caring for pets and their owners during the pandemic.
You can take fast, confident steps towards well-being with this package and unleash your team’s potential to thrive.


You’ll be getting...

1. A full-hospital Workplace Experience Survey & report of results
2. An exclusive, live training webinar for your hospital leadership
3. 2 hours of group professional coaching for your hospital leadership

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Take the
Positive Leadership Skills Assessment

In just two minutes, this free online resource will give you personal
leadership scores.

Gain a keen awareness of where you're

already strong and where the best is yet to come!

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Flourish proudly supports the following organizations and the worthy work they do to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and thriving veterinary community for all

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