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Andi Davison

"I am confident that veterinary professionals can thrive in their work and I am dedicated to being a part of their success!"

Positive Change Agent


Andi Davison, LVT, CAPP, APPC

Andi has been a part of the wild ride that is veterinary medicine since 2001. The highs and lows of this profession are no stranger to her and have been a part of her career from the beginning. As she completed her BS in veterinary nursing, navigated the ins and outs of practice co-ownership and contributed as a leader at multiple university teaching hospitals, she became keenly aware of the mental stress and emotional strain we all know exists, but are too afraid to talk about.


Of course, there were adorable patients, incredible cases and super clients - but, the struggle for a work/life balance and overwhelming compassion fatigue took its toll on her and she realized she could not continue along the same course without some reevaluation and restructuring.


Being a naturally upbeat person with the desire to find a reason to smile each day, she is dedicated to utilizing her broad veterinary experiences to promote the change that Flourish encourages and provide the guidance to get there! This brings hope that the profession we all love can truly thrive and Andi is committed to being an agent of this positive change for this incredibly necessary area.


Andi is part of a veterinary family…she is a licensed veterinarian technician, and her husband is a veterinarian. They live in Ocala, Florida on a lovely horse farm with their 6 horses, 3 dogs and 3 cats. In her off time, Andi can always be found in the barn with her horses as she is an avid three-day-event rider.

Andi's education
  • BA in Communication and Culture, Indiana University at Bloomington

  • BS in Veterinary Nursing, Michigan State University

  • Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, The Flourishing Center

  • Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology Coaching, The Flourishing Center

Andi's experience

  • Support staff at private small animal hospital, 2001-2003

  • Support staff at Michigan State University CVM (small animal ER), 2004

  • Head veterinary technician at Mississippi State University (equine medicine/surgery), 2006-2009

  • Practice co-owner/manager/head technician at Davison Veterinary Medicine (mixed animal ambulatory), 2011-2019

  • Veterinary care manager at University of Florida CVM (large animal hospital), 2020-2022

  • Veterinarian spouse


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