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flourish success stories

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Craig Spinks

CEO, Veteos

When I first started working with Flourish I had some lofty goals, a specific timeline, and an overwhelming sense of burnout. Through regular coaching sessions, Flourish helped me chart a course forward and navigate challenges as they came up – all while staying true to my personal and professional values. Flourish, not only helps me accomplish my goals, but is also an advocate for my overall wellbeing. I couldn't more highly recommend their services.

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Wendy Low & Lewis

Workshop Participant

I saw a mention of the Equestrian Empower Workshop on Facebook and was instantly interested. As an older adult amateur competing in eventing I am always adding to my experience to help me on my journey. Andi’s presentation was well presented, with great visuals and support materials. She delivers an animated, often humorous program giving us many tools to think, plan and engage in. I would highly recommend this to not just equestrians but anyone who wants to align their intentions for success.  

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Stephanie Beardsley, DVM, DACVS

Founder • CTVSEH

Veterinary medicine and the teams that work in the industry have seen significant changes in the last few years. Our hospital always believed we could be more effective and provide great care through collaboration and team empowerment. Unfortunately, one change we faced recently was that the hospital leadership team drifted away from a unified mission and effective communication.  We realized that our individual and organizational behavior was affecting the performance and well being of our team. Luckily we all agreed help was needed.  Josh Vaisman and Tess of Flourish Veterinary Consulting came to lend a hand. Josh showed an unparalleled level of compassion, kindness and integrity with every member of our team. He worked diligently to determine OUR goals and then give us options to move forward. It was clear that Josh continues to work in veterinary medicine because he truly cares about the well being of those that live it day in, day out. The Flourish group knows that team members who feel safe and engaged will have improved performance and job satisfaction. Everyone should feel free to share creative ideas and to speak up when there is a problem without risks. If you are ready to transform your organization and to understand how to address the problems facing your hospital, I highly recommend reaching out to Flourish Veterinary Consulting. I will be forever grateful for their insight and assistance.


Dr. Kelli Space DVM

Owner • Jasper Animal Hospital

Flourish Veterinary Consulting was a key partner in helping me transition from my role as an employee to the owner and primary leader at Jasper Animal Hospital.  I remember feeling very much alone in my new-found role and shared with the folks at Flourish during my initial consult that it did not even feel like my hospital.  I had a deep desire for Jasper to not only be a successful practice, but to also be a place where the team would feel engaged and appreciated.  The Flourish team went to work right away interviewing employees and setting up coaching sessions for the management team. We implemented ideas to make sure employee well -being was taken seriously. They helped me work through core values to come up with a mission statement. They spent many hours with myself and the leadership team helping us examine what we were doing well and what we could improve upon and exploration to learn more about ourselves. As of today, I do feel like Jasper has become my hospital and I no longer feel alone but supported by the team that I have around me. The Flourish team have extensive experience in the management of veterinary hospitals and are also educated on all of the recent psychology into implementing a positive work environment. Through the whole process and even today, I can call or email either one of them and they will gladly help me with whatever I need.  I would highly recommend Flourish for anyone wanting to make their hospital a better place or to improve upon their skills as a leader. 


Clint Latham

Founder • Lucca Veterinary Data Security

There are just a few people in this world that will treat me with the honesty needed to become a better person and a better leader - and do it in a way that shows the utmost care and respect and with a clear driving force of helping you to become the best person you can be. When it came time to focus on building the culture, we wanted at IT Guru,, there was one only one candidate for the job, Josh Vaisman at Flourish Veterinary Consulting.  Working with Josh has been nothing short of amazing and has become our go to for all things culture and lifting our staff to be the best they can be. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the leader I am without the support of Flourish Veterinary Consulting.


 Kat Burns, CVPM, CAWA

Director of Operations & Veterinary Services
Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Over the last year, I’ve worked closely with Josh and Marianne and I can’t recommend Flourish Veterinary Consulting more highly! My organization invited their team to assist with a deep dive into our strategic plan. Together they worked with our diverse leadership group and offered wisdom and insight to critical issues where their outside perspective was absolutely invaluable. 


As consultants they are unique in that they are both consummate professionals and seem to listen more than they speak. They offer insight and wisdom in a caring, compassionate way and bring exceptional knowledge and experience to the table. As speakers they are engaging, funny, and insightful and come prepared. I feel I learn so much from what they have to offer and their passion for the topic shines through.


Ria Botzler, CVPM

Hospital Administrator • Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital

We as a profession are facing a crisis. Phrases like "compassion fatigue" "burnout" "being lost to the profession" are commonplace. There is a lot said about what is going wrong in the veterinary profession, but little said about how to make it right again.  Josh and Marianne have a real world perspective to the challenges facing veterinary professionals, but also a down-to-earth perspective on how to heal your practice from the inside out. In their revolutionary approach they take you inside what is happening in the heads of your staff and how to create an environment where compassion and well-being stay at the heart of your practice both for the animals and humans.  The interactive approach gives you practical tools you can take to heart and use at your Monday morning huddle.  I would highly recommend each veterinary professional explore this life-changing information and see for yourself how Flourish Veterinary Consulting can help you perform "CPR" to revive your practice and your bottom line.


Miia Williams

Manager of Strategic Partnerships • VCA Canada

Josh came highly recommended to us and we had him present at three of our internal conferences all over Canada last year.  Josh tailored his approach specifically to our team of veterinary professionals and spoke in an engaging and passionate way.  His positive energy and enthusiasm contributed to creating an atmosphere of team building and motivation. 
He was dedicated to making his presentations better every time and constantly listened to our teams to improve his approach and be most relevant for them.  Josh is a gifted speaker and his charismatic demeanor is an inspiration to all who hear him speak.

carol coley_edited.jpg

Carol Coley

Client Service Manager & HR Supervisor
Bolton Veterinary Hospital

Josh is a very enthusiastic, positive, and energetic person. You can easily see he is passionate about the field of Positive Leadership and helping people grow into their best selves. He is a great listener and makes any team he is talking with feel heard and supported. He started with a pulse survey to see where the team was and where we wanted to be. He did training for our leaders and with his help we were able to implement some great practices with our team. He is a great resource and has helped my team tremendously by focusing more on moving toward who we want to be and not getting stuck in the negative outlook. He has given us many tools that I still routinely rely on for great communication with the staff. I would strongly recommend Flourish and truly feel Josh has helped me to become a better leader.


Brad Patton

CEO • Veterinary System Services

Professionally, we hired Josh to come keynote our client "Thank You" event in February, 2019.  The evening was well received.  The reviews were stellar.  The word, "profound," was used the most.  His presentation on the emerging science of workplace wellbeing should be a mandatory part of early management training in veterinary medicine.  I highly recommend Josh Vaisman to any other business owner looking to improve the working environment for their staff.

Personally, I have seen Josh speak at a few events now.  He does an incredible job of catering or adapting to the crowd so that the presentation fits the audience.  He is lively and very relatable.  Every presentation has held the attention of the attendees, sparking further conversation well after his talk has ended.  He is an excellent speaker.


Erinn Philpot

District Sales Manager • Elanco Animal Health

Josh Vaisman is an excellent advocate for the wellbeing of your hospital staff! I have worked with Josh on multiple occasions in various settings from individual hospital meetings to large group sessions and even virtual workshops during this unprecedented time of COVID. He never fails to get to the heart of the matter and engage the staff in thoughtful conversation and meaningful activities to drive the message home. He cares about what he does, he cares about your people and he wants to make a difference in our profession and it shows.


Dr. Ariel Fagen

Owner • The Veterinary Behavior Center

Marianne and Josh are knowledgeable, approachable, realistic and a fun duo to work with. Their experience is evident in the advice I receive. I leave each conversation with them confident in the direction I need to go or with helpful "homework assignments" to move me in the right direction. They have listened to what I want out of my practice, for my practice and for my life and help me keep those goals ever in mind as I move towards implementation. I trust that my best interest and the best interest of my practice is at the heart of each conversation. Perhaps most importantly, my professional life is significantly less stressful because of their support and for that, I will be forever grateful. They help make the magic happen. Thank you, Marianne and Josh!


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