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Josh Vaisman

Lead Positive Change Agent

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Andi Davison, LVT

Positive Change Agent


Tess Warner, MBA

Director of Operations


You and your team deserve to thrive.  Our science-backed approach guides you in crafting a hospital environment that makes thriving possible.


Explore Our Available Lectures, Workshops,
and Webinars!

Many of our offerings are RACE-Approved and provide
CE credit for your staff, and most of them are available as virtual webinars. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us about custom presentations!

We cover topics like…

● Leading Resilient Teams
● Demystifying Compassion Fatigue
● Driving Profits Through Workplace Well-Being
● The 4 P’s of Positive Leadership

Book the “Unleash”
Virtual Consulting Package.

Running a Veterinary Hospital was already hard enough.
Teams across the country are feeling the unbearable pressure
of caring for pets and their owners during the pandemic.
You can take fast, confident steps towards well-being with this package and unleash your team’s potential to thrive.


You’ll be getting...

1. A full-hospital Workplace Experience Survey & report of results
2. An exclusive, live training webinar for your hospital leadership
3. 2 hours of group professional coaching for your hospital leadership

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Take the
Positive Leadership Skills Assessment

In just two minutes, this free online resource will give you personal
leadership scores.

Gain a keen awareness of where you're

already strong and where the best is yet to come!

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