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A Positive Chain Reaction: An AAEP LEAD Reflection

As we taxied down the runway and took off over the bluegrass, I grinned and gazed down upon the iconic farms of Lexington Kentucky.

I was exhausted.

I was inspired.

I was in absolute awe of the weekend I had just experienced.

The preparation, the planning, the hype - it all paid off!

I closed my eyes as we ascended above the clouds, savoring all the gratitude, camaraderie, and impact.

This impactful event was full of laughter, learning, and connections all thanks to a newly developed initiative by the American Association of Equine Practitioners. AAEP LEAD is meant to provide newer members of the equine veterinary profession with leadership skills and training to further their professional development and growth. To say that I was thrilled to be a part of it would be an understatement. To say that I was honored to have been a facilitator would be insufficient. As both an equine veterinary professional and unapologetic horse girl this event allowed me to weave my passions together in a purposeful way that hit ever so close to home. Together with AAEP, Flourish was able to make a difference in the lives of 12 early career equine veterinarians, a handful of industry professionals, and the active AAEP board members. We were able to contribute to their success by providing an opportunity to develop both positive leadership and positive communication skills. Flourish spent months planning, developing, and creating a program that could accomplish this in a relatable and approachable way.

And let me tell you, there is nothing better than being met with smiles and laughter from a group that you lovingly created content for. The energy the delegates gave to the program, the feeling of camaraderie, their effort and outstanding questions…to me, illustrated success.

All too often, we find that the energy and intentions created during an event fizzle out once the ‘real world’ reappears. I am willing to bet you know what I’m talking about. We all agreed that it would be a real shame if this were to happen after the in-person workshop held in Kentucky. And so, the Momentum Moment was born. This program aims to take the energy from our in-person event, bottle it up, and use it to encourage the delegates to flourish.

Each month, we all gather for a virtual “high five” to celebrate successes and work through challenges, together. This follow-up effort encourages participants to continue practicing the skills they developed during our time in the bluegrass and report back with their findings. We will be logging on again next week and I can’t wait to cheer on this crew of inspiring veterinarians.

Baseball legend Leon Brown once said, “For every positive change you make, something else also changes for the better - it creates a chain reaction.” I would have to agree with him and smile knowing that because of the time spent with Flourish at AAEP LEAD, these veterinary professionals, and the equine communities that they serve, will benefit from this positive chain reaction.

AAEP LEAD participants begin the positive chain reaction.

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