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Flourish Academy Masterclasses

Get ready to amplify your veterinary career with Flourish Veterinary Consulting's new Masterclass certificate programs!

Launching in Spring of 2024, the new Flourish Academy will offer two inaugural programs. These eight-month, highly interactive, cohort-style programs will help you master the skills of veterinary wellbeing.  Each program includes:

Each class is a small-cohort program that leverages adult learning elements in "bite-sized" bits to align with your busy schedule. Between a brief live virtual class, your monthly challenge, optional office hours with your instructor, and engagement with your cohort colleagues, you can expect 1-2 hours of time per month. To learn more about each class, click the links below!

If you’re among the first 30 people to get on the “I’m Interested!” list, when registration opens you’ll receive an exclusive discount code for the inaugural cohort! 

Adult learning modalities such as:

  • Brief, interactive lectures

  • Skills practice in a safe setting

  • Real-life application of concepts

  • Ongoing professional support from your instructor

Students will:

  • Learn science-backed wellbeing concepts

  • Practice skills in class

  • Apply learnings in the "Real World"

  • Gain the support of their instructor and cohort community

Certificate in Applied Veterinary Resilience
Taught by

Flourish's Positive Change Agent Andi Davison

Veterinary medicine is good, worthwhile work. It matters and so you do. While the promise of meaningful experiences and furry adventures may be motivating, we are all familiar with the stress, frustration, and turbulence that inevitably accompanies a career in vet med. Recognizing the impact these challenges can have on your wellbeing emphasizes the importance of building resilience.


Based on the science of positive psychology, Flourish Veterinary Consulting has created a unique program. From client service representatives to technicians, doctors, and hospital owners, our “Certificate in Applied Veterinary Resilience” masterclass will empower you to grow and thrive as you navigate this wonderful profession. In this program, you will: 


  • Understand the science of resilience

  • Explore factors that contribute to resilience 

  • Communicate effectively with your “mind chatter”

  • Develop sustainable resilience skills

  • Bounce back better from adversity

  • Empower yourself and those around you

  • Develop a sense of community within your profession

Certificate in Positive Veterinary Leadership
Taught by

Flourish's Lead Positive Change Agent Josh Vaisman

The delivery of veterinary medicine is the result of human effort; effort that takes energy.  As someone in a leadership position, your primary role is to create a workplace in which your team has the energy to be at their best.  But no one ever taught us how to lead well.  Until now.


Based on Flourish founder Josh Vaisman’s evidence-based framework laid out in the AAHA Press book, “Lead to Thrive: The Science of Crafting a Positive Veterinary Culture”, we’ve created the first ever “Certificate in Positive Veterinary Leadership” masterclass program.  In this program, you’ll learn the skills of:

  • Clarifying your leadership “Why”.

  • Building fearless collaboration in your team.

  • Amplifying team members’ contribution and impact.

  • Achieving meaningful goals, driven by the strengths of your people.

  • Creating a sense of community in the workplace.

  • Coaching your team to grow and excel.

  • Ensuring leadership is fulfilling and sustainable for you.

Flourish proudly supports the following organizations and the worthy work they do to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and thriving veterinary community for all

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