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Fall 2023 Webinars

Wellbeing is the fuel that drives the people of vet med.  But how do we cultivate wellbeing in a profession that's full of challenges and stressors?  Flourish can show you how.  We are proud to announce our fall webinar series teaching the science-backed skills of veterinary wellbeing. Open to everyone in vet med, these webinars will provide brief and digestible concepts to benefit you and your team right away.


After all, as the people of vet med go, so goes vet med.


Classes typically cost money.  For our webinars, rather than collect a registration fee, we are collecting donations (minimum $5) to one of our favorite non-profit organizations, the Veterinary Giving Tree. The links below will lead you to the donation pages, and upon completion of the donation you will be redirected to the registration page itself. Remember to complete that registration step so you receive a link to the webinar you wish to attend!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

"From Burnout to Brilliance: Resilience Skills for Success"
Presented by

Flourish's Positive Change Agent Andi Davison












Webinar Dates:

October 26th at 6:00p Mountain Time
October 31st at 10:00a Mountain Time
November 9th at 6:00p Mountain Time
November 15th at 10:00a Mountain Time
December 8th at 10:00a Mountain Time
December 19th at 6:00p Mountain Time

The work you do everyday in veterinary medicine is good, worthwhile work. It matters. It can also be challenging, stressful, and take a toll on us. Often, the difference between burning out and burning bright balances on our ability to persevere and bounce back from these challenges. Psychologists call those abilities “resilience factors” and it turns out, just like the skills of venipuncture or soft tissue surgery, resilience skills can be learned, honed, and mastered. In this 45-minute session, you’ll learn the science behind resilience and how to revive your resilience skills.

"Stop the Bleeding: Leadership Practices to Boost Veterinary Retention"
Presented by

Flourish's Lead Positive Change Agent Josh Vaisman


Webinar Dates:

October 24th at 6:00p Mountain Time
October 27th at 10:00a Mountain Time
November 21st at 6:00p Mountain Time
November 22nd at 10:00a Mountain Time
December 12th at 6:00p Mountain Time
December 15th at 10:00a Mountain Time

Retention is the new recruitment. The way we lead and manage our practices has always mattered. In a world in which job-seeking veterinarians and credentialed technicians are as common as a capybara riding a unicorn, what we do to KEEP team members matters more than ever. In this 45-minute session you’ll learn about veterinary research showing exactly how to craft practices people want to stay in. Backed by real data, attendees will walk away with 4 actionable practices for amplifying your leadership skills.

Flourish proudly supports the following organizations and the worthy work they do to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and thriving veterinary community for all

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