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Many of our offerings are RACE-Approved and provide CE credit for your staff, and all of them are available as virtual webinars.  Below is a list of some of our current topics - If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us about custom presentations!

Positive Perseverance:

Leading Resilient Teams

50-60 Minute Lecture
(Webinar option available)

The practice of veterinary medicine is an interesting mix of engaging, meaningful work and unpredictable times of difficulty that challenge our resilience.  The age of COVID-19 has shown how strong and courageous veterinary professionals can be.  It has also taught us the value of Resilient Leadership.

This session introduces the concept of team resilience, describes the 4 key characteristics of resilient teams, and explores the 3 pillars of resilient leadership in times of crisis.  Attendees will leave with a simple, 2-step plan for boosting their team's resilience just when they need it most.

Safe to Soar:

The Secret Sauce of Effective

Veterinary Teams

50 Minute Lecture
or 2 Hour Workshop
(Webinar option available)

This evidence-based session introduces the well-researched concept of psychological safety and explores why it so closely correlates with team and business outcomes. In the workshop option, tools for measuring and cultivating psychological safety in veterinary organizations will be explored.

We offer two versions of this presentation:

  1. Leading for Psychological Safety

  2. Cultivating Psychological Safety for Teams

Attendees will develop a keen understanding of psychological safety, the #1 predictor of effective workplace teams, and be enabled to foster it in their teams, businesses, and organizations.

Rockstar Resilience Skills for the Veterinary Professional

50 minute lecture
or 2 hour workshop
(Webinar option available)

This workshop, geared toward all veterinary professionals in any role within or outside the veterinary hospital, introduces the science of positive psychology and related fields.  Evidence-based tools for cultivating psychological resilience, functional optimism, and general personal and professional well-being are explored.

Attendees will gain an understanding of personal and professional well-being and what science shows support both.  Participants will leave engaged by and empowered with a clear, evidence-based plan for fostering their own sustainable well-being.

The 4 P's of Positive Leadership:

A Framework for Leading Thriving Veterinary Teams

50 minute lecture
or 2-3 hour workshop
(Webinar option available)

This workshop, specifically geared toward hospital and organization leaders such as owners, mangers, supervisors, HR directors, and leadership team members, introduces an evidence-based leadership framework for inspiring engaged, motivated, and loyal veterinary teams.

Attendees will develop a deep understanding of the four "buckets" leaders must seek to fill in their teams to cultivate a positive, high-performing hospital culture.  Participants will explore immediately actionable, evidence-based tools for adding energy to each bucket and inspiring their teams to thrive in their work.

If You're Unhappy and You Know it, PERMA Plan!

45-90 Minute Session

Keynote or Interactive Lecture

(Webinar option available)

This session will introduce participants to positive psychology, the scientific study of human flourishing.  We’ll discuss a prominent, evidence-based model for defining what well-being looks like and share research that shows that it can be fostered and grown. 


Attendees will leave inspired to cultivate their own well-being as veterinary professionals and equipped with evidence-based tools to do so.

Breaking Happy: A Sustainable Path to Well-Being

60 Minute Lecture or 2-4 Hour Workshop

(Webinar option available)

Can we be happy all the time?  Should we be?  This session will introduce participants to positive psychology, the scientific study of human flourishing.  We’ll explore the challenges of the "Cult of Happiness" and lay out an evidence-based path for a more nuanced, psychologically healthier path to well-being.


Attendees will leave inspired to cultivate their own well-being as veterinary professionals and equipped with evidence-based tools to do so.

Driving Profits Through Workplace Well-Being

2, 4, or 6 Hour Workshop

(Webinar option available)

This workshop, specifically geared toward hospital and organization decision makers such as owners, mangers, HR directors, and leadership team members, introduces concepts related to workplace well-being and the impact positive culture has on business outcomes and the bottom line.

Attendees will develop a deep understanding of workplace well-being and concepts that drive positive workplace culture.  Participants will leave inspired by and empowered with a set of evidence-based tools for cultivating workplace well-being in their organization.

The Practices of Purposeful Leadership

4 or 6 Hour Workshop

In this interactive workshop, developed and provided in partnership with Zach Mercurio, attendees will learn about the number one mitigating force against professional burnout, the science of purpose and meaning.  Participants will gain a deep understanding of psychological well-being and how purpose in the workplace supports all the PERMA pillars.   

Attendees will explore and develop tested tools for developing the four Practices of Purposeful Leaders, including cultivating a psychologically safe work environment and connecting all work to the Big Purpose.

The Strengths of the Veterinary Professional:

An Exploration of What's Best in a Team

Multi-Phase Workshop

This 2-to-3 Phase workshop introduces veterinary hospital teams to VIA Character Strengths and "job-crafting" using those strengths.

In Phase 1, the entire team completes a validated, evidence-based assessment to identify "signature" character strengths.  A detailed report mapping the team's strength culture is provided.

Phase 2 includes an on-site workshop in which the entire team is introduced to the science of positive psychology and character strengths.  Global and individual strengths are explored throughout the team and everyone participates in highly engaging, interactive activities to celebrate each other's strengths, begin identifying strength opportunities, and developing the skills of "strength spotting" and strengths-based job crafting.

Phase 3, which is an optional component, includes a workshop on strengths-based leadership for the hospital leadership team as well as job crafting coaching opportunities.

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