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At Flourish Veterinary Consulting, we know you want to lead a thriving veterinary hospital.

To do that, you need a motivated, enthusiastic, and thriving team.

The problem is, working in a veterinary hospital can be super stressful. At times, this leaves you feeling overwhelmed, like you’re constantly chasing your tail.

We believe veterinary professionals like you should feel fulfilled in their work every day, not depleted by it. You deserve more – and you can have it!

But managing a veterinary hospital is friggin’ hard work. We get it. We’ve been there too. It’s why we’ve combined our professional veterinary experience with thousands of hours of advanced education in Positive Psychology and the science of thriving teams to offer you a solution.

It’s a simple 3-step process we call Discover, Develop, Thrive.

We’ll guide you to:

1) Discover the obstacles blocking you and your team from thriving.

2) Develop a custom, evidence-based support plan to help you and your team shine.

3) Thrive with Flourish as your caring guide, and become the effective leader you and your team deserve!

So, Schedule a Conversation today so we can find the training solution that fits your environment.

In the meantime, you can take our free, online Positive Leadership Skills Assessment to measure the impact of your current leadership approach, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and learn to lead a veterinary hospital with less turnover, increased productivity, and a flourishing, positive work environment!

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Take the
Positive Leadership Skills Assessment

In just two minutes, this free online resource will give you personal
leadership scores.

Gain a keen awareness of where you're

already strong and where the best is yet to come!


Explore Our Available Lectures, Workshops,
and Webinars!

Many of our offerings are RACE-Approved and provide
CE credit for your staff, and most of them are available as virtual webinars. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us about custom presentations!

We cover topics like…

● Leading Resilient Teams
● Demystifying Compassion Fatigue
● Driving Profits Through Workplace Well-Being
● The 4 P’s of Positive Leadership

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