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A Worthy Investment

In addition to identifying as an optimistic and outgoing veterinary professional, I also identify as a horse girl…an unapologetic horse girl in every way! For me, these two identities go hand in hand. They are complementary and tend to utilize similar strengths, skills, and emotional resilience. So, you can imagine how excited I am to have the opportunity to dance between both of these worlds by creating a workshop experience that brings the science of positive psychology to the equestrian world.

Allow me to present the Empowered Equestrian Workshop Series!

I have developed an interactive and introspective approach to creating and achieving meaningful goals by focusing on the achievement pillar of Dr. Martin Selligman’s PERMA model of wellbeing.

The best part?

This evidence-based approach is remarkably appropriate for veterinary professionals!

Growth, accomplishment and purpose are all things that propel us forward. Things that can heavily influence our job and life satisfaction. Making the investment to further understand the science behind these factors AND how to facilitate them within ourselves will most certainly help us show up in the world the way that we want to!

This experience begins with a thoughtful explanation of the concepts that contribute to achievement:

  • Hope

  • Change

  • Motivation/Grit

  • Self-Efficacy

This is followed by an in-depth conversation surrounding the specific players involved with setting and accomplishing meaningful goals.

Throughout the workshop process, I was able to implement metrics to determine the value of this experience. A brief survey was utilized both before and after the workshop. Participants were asked a handful of questions to rate their confidence with regards to setting appropriate goals and accomplishing them. The survey analysis revealed a wonderful upward trend as a result of workshop participation. A few weeks after the workshop I asked participants some open-ended questions. Among other things, I wanted to know what impact the workshop had for them. A thematic analysis of their responses revealed some really cool findings. Specifically, the majority of participants said:

  • "This workshop increased my belief that I can make my future better."

  • "This workshop improved my ability to overcome setbacks."

  • "This workshop helped me develop the capacity to establish meaningful goals for myself."

For example, one attendee wrote:

“This workshop was fascinating. It was really interesting to see the steps broken down so clearly in how we go about setting and achieving goals. I can see, perhaps, where I might get stuck or proceed too quickly! This will help me and my riding.”

Prior to the workshop, the results were noticeably less positive. This boost in self-awareness and confidence was a lovely illustration of what empowerment and education can look like.

It turns out that making the investment in ourselves can really pay off.

Understanding the details of how our brains are hardwired can positively contribute to our growth, accomplishment, purpose and ultimately our life satisfaction.

I don’t know about you, but I would consider THAT a worthy investment! Remember THE part, the best part, about this science being remarkably appropriate for

veterinary professionals? if you are a veterinary professional looking to amplify your goal setting and achievement toolbox? I have some great news for you! Flourish will be bringing these evidence-based superpowers to the entire veterinary community very soon! Hit us up for a complimentary Discovery call to talk about being among the first to bring the science of goal-achievement to your practice - whether you serve equine patients or not.

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