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Cultivate the hospital culture of your dreams with the

Practice Culture Support Program

Hospital culture matters.  It can be an incredible recruitment tool, helping you attract new talent.  It might be the ultimate incentive to keep current team members present, loyal, and engaged.  Without a doubt, it’s the foundation on which the magical potential of veterinary professionals is fully unleashed.


Of course, that’s only if the culture is healthy and strong.  When our hospital culture is struggling everything else suffers.  These are the practice environments in which gossip is rampant, complaints abound, turnover is unbearably high, cliques develop, and it seems as if “no one” is willing to step up.  An unhealthy practice culture at best looks apathetic and dysfunctional.  At worst, it can be downright toxic.


You want a healthy practice culture but you’re unsure where to start or what the next step is.  Flourish can help.  With over 50 collective years of veterinary experience, including management and practice ownership, and a deep knowledge of how people and organizations thrive, our Positive Change Agents can help you rescue a floundering culture or elevate a stagnating one.   


Flourish Veterinary Consulting is the positive culture and positive leadership expert in our profession.  With these evidence-based practice culture support programs, our Positive Change Agents can guide and support you in crafting a hospital culture every veterinary professional will want to be a part of.


We offer two personalized programs to meet your unique needs:


Flourish Ascend

You’re an accomplished practice leader with an effective, generally well-functioning team.  Team members tend to get along and get things done every day.  When you look out across your hospital you see a team capable of overcoming most obstacles.  But you can’t shake the feeling there are greater heights to attain.  The Flourish Ascend program is for you.

With Flourish Ascend you’ll have an expert sherpa guiding you and your team to the peaks of potential.  Our Positive Change Agents will help you develop a program for unlocking and unleashing all you and your team are capable of.  We’ll start with a deep exploration of the strengths already alive in your practice culture and a careful assessment of how those strengths can be amplified.  You’ll receive a detailed report of our discoveries along with recommendations for specific tools to help you and your team reach the top of the mountain.  We’ll take the hike with you, guiding you up the trails and supporting your journey the whole way.


In summary, the Flourish Ascend program includes:


  • A deep analysis of the best parts of your current hospital culture

  • Detailed Report of Findings

  • Specific recommendations for elevating your culture even higher

  • Ongoing support and guidance


Similar to Preserver, Ascend is incredibly flexible.  The ongoing support and guidance shifts and changes direction as your unique needs evolve and emerge.  At times along the way we’ll help you take a fresh look at your map, scan the horizon, and reassess the direction we’re going together.  And just like with Preserver, you can pause or cancel the support at any time.

Schedule a complimentary DISCOVERY call to determine which program is right for you and your team!

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Flourish Preserver

Awake at 2 am fretting about your hospital culture?  Struggling with a case of “the Sundays,” worried about what Monday at the practice might bring?  Feeling adrift at sea, unsure where to even begin to turn your workplace environment around?  The Flourish Preserver program
is for you.  


With Flourish Preserver you’ll have a lifeline to rescue your hospital culture from the depths.  Our Positive Change Agents will help you assess the current state of your hospital culture, identify targeted steps to reel things in, and support you in charting a more positive course forward.  We’ll begin with a thorough analysis of your current practice culture.  You’ll receive a detailed report of our discoveries including specific action-steps we recommend to help you get some wind in your sails.  Then, we’ll travel the journey along with you.  Each month, for as long as you need, Flourish will be your lifeguard, supporting you in your culture change journey.


Or perhaps you prefer bullet points!  Here’s what you and your practice will receive with Flourish Preserver:


  • Evidence-based analysis of current hospital culture

  • Detailed Report of Findings

  • Targeted expert recommendations

  • Monthly guidance, advising, and support


And the best part is, Preserver has been built to course-correct along with your shifting needs!  The monthly support is yours to use as you need, in the ways you need.  Struggling to coach “one of those” team members?  Need guidance in developing mission, vision, and values statements?  Looking for some team building content?  Trying to train supervisors for 1:1 check-ins?, Preserver evolves alongside your shifting culture.  It’s also incredibly flexible – you can pause or cancel the monthly support at any time.

Schedule a complimentary DISCOVERY call to determine which program is right for you and your team!

Turnover in a veterinary practice is costly. Check out the Flourish
Turnover Cost Estimator to find out how much it’s costing YOUR hospital.

Didn't Quite Find What You Were Looking For?

By leveraging the science of applied positive psychology, our 3-step collaborative consulting process will help your hospital become its best self - a place
where well-being flourishes and people thrive.

We’ll partner with you and your team to Discover what obstacles you’re facing and Develop a plan to overcome them. We’ll
coach your key positive-change leaders along the way so your team can

Research clearly shows positive
organizations become more productive, enjoy higher profits and client retention, and experience significantly lower
employee turnover.


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speaking, webinars,
and workshops

Flourish Veterinary Consulting provides engaging, interactive presentations and workshops to prime audiences for positive

Many of our offerings are RACE-Approved and provide CE credit for your staff, and most of them are available as virtual webinars.

Format options include keynote
addresses, one to two hour interactive lectures, and half or
full-day workshops.

Explore our available topics. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us about custom presentations!

Behind every successful performer is a coach who sees the best in them.

As a leader in your practice, your goal is to unleash the best potential in your team.

Our Positive Leadership Coaching services apply the science of coaching psychology
to help you unleash your positive

You'll become the effective, positive leader you and your team deserve.


Contact us now to create
a customized coaching plan today!


Conduct a Flourish KPI Survey to Check the Pulse of Your Team

Leaders can only manage what they can measure, and while businesses have many ways to measure Key Performance Indicators for financial performance, it's a lot harder to measure your staff's well-being. 


Flourish offers a different kind of KPI - the Key People Indicators. Our evidence-based survey gives you a quantified "pulse-check" of your team's workplace experience. 


The Flourish KPI Survey is a great first step in empowering you to cultivate a positive workplace for a thriving team. Schedule a Conversation today to learn how your business can implement this invaluable process. 

Beautiful young veterinarian is holding

Take the 

Positive Leadership Skills Assessment

In just two minutes, this free online resource will give you personal leadership scores.

Gain a keen awareness of where you're

already strong and where the best is yet to come!

Flourish proudly supports the following organizations and the worthy work they do to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and thriving veterinary community for all

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National Association for Black Veterinarians logo
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Flourish Leadership & Workplace Experience Study front cover

Veterinary professionals who work in positive hospital cultures do better, feel better, and stay. 

It's science!  And our data proves it. Download the free 2022 Flourish Leadership & Workplace Experience Study white paper to learn about the 4 big positive differences positive leadership has in veterinary practices and what you can do to retain an engaged, committed, happy team!

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