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Certificate in
Applied Veterinary Resilience

SPECIAL!  Our inaugural cohort is set to launch in march of 2024.  The first 30 people to express interest will receive a discount code for $300 off the program!


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Program Purpose: To build resilience within yourself and support the resilience of those around you so that we can continue to find joy in the job that we love.

Program Description: This highly interactive, cohort-style program will introduce participants to the science of personal and professional resilience. Students will gain a deep understanding of how our brains cope with adversity, the tools we can develop to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth, and how this awareness can create behaviors and skills that energize thriving, empowered veterinary professionals. The program utilizes adult-learning modalities, including didactic, practicum, application, and support elements. Students will learn evidence-based concepts, practice skills in class, apply skills and knowledge 'in the real world,' and receive extensive expert support along the way


Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a deep understanding of personal and professional resilience

  • Understand the contributing factors of resilience

  • Assess pre-program and post-program personal resilience skill set

  • Enhance and apply the seven core skills of resilience

  • Practice these skills to encourage resilience in a variety of situations 

  • Build a plan for continuous ‘real world’ resilience


Course Dates: Our next cohort will begin on March 1, 2024.  Live class will meet on the second Tuesday of each month. Times will rotate between 12:00 PM Eastern Time and 7:00 PM Eastern Time. In-person office hours vary in an attempt to accommodate your busy schedule! Please contact us at if you need additional details.

Completion Requirements:

To receive a certificate of completion from the Flourish Academy, students must:

  1. Complete all virtual launch activities

  2. Attend at least 6 of the 8 live monthly classes

  3. Attend at least 6 of the 8 live monthly Office Hours

  4. Complete at least 5 of the first 7 monthly challenges

  5. Complete both pre-program and post-program resilience assessments

  6. Complete the month 8 challenge (Resilience in the Real World)


Course Format:

The course begins with a welcome email introducing you to the course and our Learning Management System, Ruzuku.  In Ruzuku, you’ll have access to our shared learning space where you can introduce yourself to your cohort and instructor, complete your resilience assessment, access the course scheduled elements, and view additional resources.


Shortly after, our monthly class cadence will begin.  Utilizing a small-bite, big-impact educational approach, each of the 8 course months will include:


  1. Brief, “On-Your-Own” pre-work in Ruzuku.  This may include short videos or articles, or chapter assignments to read before class.

  2. A 30-minute “Small-Bite” live, virtual class.  In class, we’ll explore and play with specific resilience concepts and skills.  Classes will be recorded.

  3. Your Monthly Resilience Challenge.  We’ll ask you to practice the skills we teach in “the real world”.

  4. Resilience Challenge Tracker.  After practicing your new skills in “the real world” you’ll report back through the Flourish Challenge Tracker what you did, what you learned, and the impact you had.  The Tracker will be accessible to your instructor and cohort colleagues to provide opportunities to learn from each other and identify unique ways to apply your skills.

  5. Live (optional) Office Hours.  To provide additional support, guidance, and coaching, twice a month your instructor, Andi Davison, will be available for drop-in virtual Office Hours.  

  6. Community Connection and Co-Learning.  Your Ruzuku course space will include community elements to connect digitally with your instructor and cohort colleagues.  In this way, the learning will continue at your own pace between classes and office hours.



$975 per participant.

Flourish may offer group-rates.  Please inquire at


SPECIAL!  Our inaugural cohort is set to launch in march of 2024.  The first 30 people to express interest will receive a discount code for $300 off the program!


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